Harboe Visitors Centre

A high profile building complex in maritime surroundings strengthens the international profile of one of Denmark’s largest breweries




Skælskør, South Zealand






800 m² + 550 m² rebuilding


Harboe Breweries

Harboe, one of Denmark’s largest breweries, commissioned PLH to design a new visitors centre on the waterfront of Skælskør in South Zealand. Harboe’s intention is to further strengthen the brewery’s international profile by consolidating its various business activities in one location, to create a stronger, unified brand platform.

The new Visitor Centre blends with its maritime surroundings - as if the building is born out of its location on the edge of the fiord. The centre adjoins existing administration buildings and merges with the dense waterfront environment to accentuate the character of the site.

The new construction represents 800 m², while 550 m² of existing buildings are being converted.

Søren Mølbak
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Under an expansive roof structure, reminiscent of the contours of a ship, visitors to the centre can enjoy a spectacular view of the fiord while participating in tastings, product launches, special events or simply becoming familiar with the range of products on display. The Royal Dragon Boats, which figure prominently in the showroom, reinforce the underlying theme of Harboe’s brand storytelling as purveyor to the Royal Danish Court.

The new Visitor Centre brings together reception, administration, offices, auditorium, production facilities and meeting centre into a high profile building complex that will support and strengthen Harboe’s brand position on the global market.

Exhibition Wall

Harboe has an extensive range of beers and soft drinks, some of which are exhibited in a paneled oak wall. By curating Harboe's products in this manner, visitors are invited to learn more about the company, its history, and the story behind its products, whilst also being able to interact with the building.

Sketch of the reception area