DLG, Bårse

The new modern administration building harmonizes with the local industrial landscape and has environmental sustainability as main focus




Bårse, Præstø


2016 - 2018




730 m² offices + 600 m² renovation



In a necessary move to expand and alter their existing administration and storage facilities, PLH has designed a functional new building for DLG, adopting a contemporary visual expression that is evident also in the renovation of existing site facilities.

The new administration building is designed with a façade facing out to the road, so that the building faces the main traffic artery, obscuring the original offices. The masterplan includes the modernization of warehouses, loading docks and a parking area at the rear of the site. All these elements come together to create a cohesive and modern regional center for DLG.

Søren Mølbak
+ 45 2720 0591

The new administration building, 730m2, is easily identifiable through its simple, modern expression. The new and the old administration buildings are linked via a 10m long walkway; this establishes a strong connection between the two elements – both visually, and practically, in that established functions (meeting rooms, cloakroom, lunch room etc.) support the new building. In addition to the new-build, a total area of 600m2 of existing office space is to be renovated.

With its green and white colour scheme, the new addition to DLG’s existing facilities harmonizes into the local industrial landscape. Facades are constructed in concrete elements, cement fiber panels, and aluminium-framed windows – thus conveying a modern, efficient administration building.

Topping-Out Ceremony