PLH has designed an exclusive ‘office hotel’ in central Copenhagen showcasing Scandinavian design and elegant furniture within informal surroundings, responding to the client’s ’corporate’ theme. Better Office provides an alternative workplace for multiple companies brought together in a co-working environment.


Interior design




January 2018




Better Office



'Corporate' co-working
‘Better Office’ is a new co-working ‘concept showroom’ for the Danish contract furniture company, Better Copenhagen. Located in the city center, the space is comprised of 3 floors, with designated themes for ‘Corporate’, ‘Start-up’, ‘Engineering’, ‘Mixed Zone’ and ‘Café’. Each zone has been commissioned to local architectural practices including PLH Arkitekter, JJW Arkitekter, GamFratesi, OeO Studio and Danielsen Spaceplanning. PLH has designed the ‘Corporate’ zone. Better Office provides an alternative workplace for small and medium-sized companies in an optimally planned, flexible and agile co-working facility. In addition to co-working aimed at different types of businesses and employee profiles, ‘Better Office’ offers a wealth of amenities that support the city dweller’s workplace needs, including a café, dry-cleaning, tailoring services, child-care facilities, hairdresser, masseuse and a gym.

Exclusive, open and welcoming
Working with the Client’s ‘corporate’ design theme, PLH has created an environment targeted to employees and management of larger companies and their VIP guests. The brief was to provide users with a convenient and attractive alternative for holding informal meetings and as an extension of their permanent workplace balancing perfectly between business and pleasure, work and play.

PLH has focused on creating an exclusive atmosphere that is both warm and welcoming, with a bold and sleek sensibility furnished in high-end fixtures. Variation and flexibility are fundamental to creating a good working environment, and the 'corporate' zone therefore consists of a business lounge, open work areas, meeting rooms of varying sizes and cellular offices for contemplation. This allows flexibility for a wide range of activities, from casual coffee meetings, team gatherings, and workshops, to other events.

The lounge area resembles a boutique hotel’s lobby, with its white and gray colour pallette, furnished in the same tones. A contrasting timber flooring and a brass framed geometric ceiling compliment all the calm environments highlighting the architectural features of the building. The adjacent boardroom works as an extension of the space with the black steel frame doors, with black-out drapes that provide privacy when necessary. Workstations are laid out in the two level open plan space with screens and planters in between to create intimate zones for working. White walls, walnut table tops and rugs throughout the space create a warm atmosphere that references Nordic homes.

"The corporate environment that PLH has designed, especially in the lounge and meeting room, is one of the areas that we get very good feedback on from users. We are very pleased with our collaboration with PLH - the design of the ‘corporate’ environment plays a big role in the success of Better Office today. "

- Ulrick Bloch Nielsen, Managing Director and Co-owner, Better Cph.

Meeting rooms

Lounge area and the boardroom behind


“The boundaries between work and leisure have become more fluid over time, and making the workplace homier and more familiar is a trend we are especially focusing on. Our vision is to move away from the slightly stiff, corporate identity that many larger companies previously wished to project. Instead, we are creating cozy, intimate atmospheres, using lots of greenery, beautiful flower arrangements, books and feature lighting. In Better Office we have even placed candles in the windowsills, and have chosen to use throws in a classic pattern that you would typically find in someone’s home. It's been fun to be be a part of this project from the concept phase - to create this exclusive and elegant co-working environment that sets new trends."

Bine Soelberg, Associate, Interior & Spatial Design, PLH Arkitekter

Meeting rooms

Open-plan co-working spaces

”Vi ved fra brugerundersøgelser, at PLHs indretning og workplace design forbedrer arbejdsmiljøet markant, bl.a. ved at nedsætte sygefravær, øge produktiviteten og højne trivslen og arbejdsglæden blandt medarbejderne” fortæller Bine. ”Derfor har vi været super glade for at være med i projektet. Og ved at Better Copenhagen har valgt os til at indrette området ’corporate’, har vi fået lov at gøre det, vi er allerbedst til.”

Bine Soelberg, rumdesigner PLH Arkitekter