Three themes define our future

PLH has three primary areas of expertise: Worklife & Office Buildings, Smarter Cities, Health Tech & Consultancy.

The development of society fundamentally impacts on our lifestyle and quality of life, and at PLH, we create flexible buildings that accommodate future needs. Urbanization and technological development is impacting on our living and working conditions at an unprecedented speed. It is, therefore, essential to constantly follow and explore this development.

Within and across each of our expert areas, we develop ideas, exchange specialized knowledge and learn from the networks around us and the actual projects we are working on. In this way, we are always developing and innovating to be able to provide expert advice, and through our projects, contribute to positive change for people and society.

Worklife & Office Buildings

PLH has created some of the most renowned and iconic corporate office buildings in Scandinavia and the Baltic region. We design buildings holistically and with people and human experience in focus.

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Smarter Cities

PLH’s focus is on improving quality of life when we design cities, and the infrastructure and places we use to support our daily activities. Over the decades, we have been involved in developing a rich and diverse range of award-winning commissions.

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Health, Tech & Consultancy

The provision of design services for the health and technology sector is particularly specialized. At PLH, we have a competency team that has worked together over 4 generations to deliver expertise to many global leaders in the pharma, med-tech, bio-tech and healthcare industries.

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